(Updated Jan 2020)


1)    All Trophies are perpetual and once donated become the property of the Jersey Eisteddfod.


2)    Donors must seek permission from the Chairman of a particular Section to ensure that it is required for a suitable class.  The Chairman and the Donor should then liaise with the Trophies Sub-Committee to ensure that these guidelines are followed.    


3)    Trophies/Cups/Shields should be in total no more than 25cm (10”)  high for one awarded to an individual, or 30cm (12”) high in the case of one for a group or school.


4)    The Trophy should not have a loose lid or any other detachable parts.


5)    Glass or pottery is unsuitable for Trophies, but metal, wood or acrylic is quite acceptable.


6)    Trophies (including plinth and engraving) should be up to the value of approximately £150.


7)    The recommended suppliers of new Trophies are:


C.I. Engravers, “Charmwood”,

Rue du Moulin de la Hague,

St Peter’s Valley.

tel : 482872


who are also the official engravers for the Jersey Eisteddfod.


8)    Each new Trophy must be engraved with the words “Jersey Eisteddfod” followed by the name of the Trophy.


9)    As all new Trophies (with the exception of certain ones for the Spring Festival) may now be engraved with the names of the winners, donors are requested to donate a further £150 towards the cost of engraving winner’s names for the next ten years.


10)    Once the trophy has been approved, purchased and engraved it should then be passed on to the Trophies Sub-Committee.  (This should be done at least a month before the appropriate Festival.)  It will then be photographed and a Trophy Record Sheet produced for it which will be included in the Trophy Record Books and published on - the Jersey Eisteddfod website.


11)    Please do not hesitate to contact the Chairman of Trophies (Sue Chipperfield - phone 485042 or email for any further advice, assistance or information.


Please download this document if you wish to print it out to have a copy to keep or to give to a prospective donor.
Trophy Donation Guidelines 2020.pdf
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