Chairman: Mr E Winston le Brun,

St. Clair Dower House,

La Ruelle de St. Claire,

St. Lawrence, JE3 1HD

tel: 739341


Secretary: Mr Colin Ireson

La Caramièthe, Langley Avenue,

St Saviour, JE2 7NR
tel: 726871 

e-mail: inkyireson@gmail.com

Click on Learn Jèrriais (learnjerriais.org.je) to link to the website dedicated to the teaching and learning of Jersey's own historic language.


For more information about this language - past and present - click here to transfer directly to the L'Office du Jèrriais website: jerriais.org.je




Unfortunately, in light of the current pandemic, classes will not be taking place in a physical form in 2021.


They will be held online - Download documents below.


Jerriais omline programme 2.docx
Microsoft Word document [183.4 KB]