The Association of Jersey Charities

The Jersey Eisteddfod wishes to record its gratitude to the Association of Jersey Charities and the Channel Islands Lottery for a most generous grant to enable it to replace the display boards used in the Deutsche Bank Festival of the Creative Arts, its Spring Festival.


The aims and objectives of the AJC are to encourage charitable and community work in Jersey and, in particular, to encourage co-operation and co-ordination of activities between members and prospective members, to promote discussion and exchange of ideas regarding service to the community and to administer the distribution to members of any funds available to the Association.  The Association also aims to work closely with members to increase public confidence in the integrity of charity.


Lyn Wilton, the Administrator of the AJC, said “The AJC is delighted to assist the Jersey Eisteddfod to ensure this important cultural arts based festival continues. We feel it is a very good way to use the CI Lottery profits by supporting the efforts of local people.”