The Festival of the Creative Arts

Jersey is home to a large number of skilled people of all ages, and we aim to encourage as many as possible to enter their particular art or craft in the Jersey Eisteddfod for the enjoyment of others in our community.


Entrants get the opportunity of having their work appraised by Adjudicators from England and can often gain valuable information from this.


The Festival is held in March each year the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society Headquarters at Trinity and is truly well worth a visit to see the wide variety of arts and crafts produced in the following Sections:


    ▪    Art & Craft (Adult and Youth)

    ▪    Art & Craft (Primary School)

    ▪    Art & Craft (Secondary School)

    ▪    Floral Art

    ▪    Handwriting and Calligraphy

    ▪    Needlework and Textile Art

    ▪    Photography