The Festival of the Performing Arts  (Languages)

In the light of the present pandemic a decision was taken to cancel the majority of classes within the 2021 Languages Festival, but we sincerely hope to be back in business in January 2022.

The French,  Jèrriais  and Modern Languages Sections of the Jersey Eisteddfod now make up a Competitive Festival of Performing Arts for languages which will be held in January each year.


  •  French                                                                                             
  •  Jèrriais                                                                                                
  •  Modern Languages:



                  Mandarin Chinese,






Independent adjudicators are engaged for each Section, and each competitor receives an appraisal.  From it competitors learn how to improve their performance.


The Jersey Eisteddfod encourages its competitors to consider the words of Sir Walford Davies:  


"The ideal of the competitive festival is not to gain a prize or defeat a rival, but to pace one another on the road to excellence".